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Welcome to PES 2013, a new go to website where we'll be discussing all things Pro Evo related, but obviously this will focus mostly on the upcoming PES 2013 which is due out this autumn.

As many of you will still be playing PES 2012 we'll also look at the current iteration of the popular footy franchise from Konami and even go back in time to the older versions which I know some of you still play. In fact I had a blast on Pro Evolution Soccer 6 last year, whilst I was travelling through West Africa of all places and it still brought back fond memories of when PES was a simple footy game, both in terms of playability and substance.

PES 2013Those die-hard Pro Evo (winning eleven if you play in Asia or on import) players out there will undoubtedly know more about the game than I do, as I came across the game a few years after the first installment, which was titled Goal Storm on the Playstation. The first copy of Pro Evolution Soccer I picked up was back in 2001 and went by the name ISS Pro Evolution 2. My housemates bought it for our new PS2 and so began a love affair of PES which stretches to the present and has so far, survived the resurgence of the improved FIFA series.

A quick look around the various PES 2013 forums will show you the level of fondness for all previous versions of the game, with people still playing and commenting on the PES games from past years.

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So what is it that makes PES 2013 and PES in general so popular?

This is a game played around the globe with fans eagerly awaiting each new version every autumn and hitting all the Pro Evo websites daily on the run up to the next release looking for the latest news and gossip. Despite fairly drastic gameplay changes over the past 16 years, PES has still retained that element that makes every game quintessentially 'Pro Evo'.

It can be hard to explain exactly what this 'element' is and other fans will have their own ideas, but for me it has a fundamental realism to the gameplay. The ball has a weight that feels realistic and the passes, crosses and shots always feel meaty. It has and will be vital that PES 2013 retains its special relationship with the fans, because the gulf in popularity it once had over FIFA was seriously eroded away during the past decade, so much so that FIFA became the footy game of choice for many, including former PES die-hards.

Pes 2013 action

Since the late 1990's Electronic Arts (EA), makers of FIFA, have vigorously retained their rights to official naming conventions for the football teams, players and tournaments. This has upset many PES fans and prevented a new generation of footy fans from fully embracing the Pro Evo franchise, because they haven't grown up with it. These fans would instead take copies of FIFA over PES, because they wanted to play as Manchester United, not Man Red as in the PES version.

The running thought through the transition stage of FIFA becoming more popular than Pro Evo was that if EA ever got the gameplay right and took it close or past what Pro Evo was offering, then it would become the ultimate footy title. This is what in effect happened and although the hardcore PES gamers remain, Konami have had the complacency stripped away from them. For the last few years it has been Konami playing catch up.

Of course with the advent of option files and patches, the lack of official licences has never been quite as severe as some FIFA fans might tell you it is. Usually just a few days to a week after release, a fantastically hardworking group of devoted Pro Evo fans have expertly recreated all of the major strips in the game, edited and designed player names, kits, boots and even recently, football stadiums. So the lack of licensing has become a much more mute point in the last few years.

With the latest version, PES 2013,  just a few months away, I want to look at various aspects of PES and create a new online community for the greatest footy game ever made, although I still have a soft spot for Sensi Soccer!

Let me know your ideas, thoughts and views on any subject related to PES 2013 and the franchise in general.


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