PES 2013 News

Part One - Full Control

There are just over two months to go until PES is released in the UK and the PES 2013 news is trickling through each day through various sources as to what we can expect this autumn.

The buzz word being used by Konami this year is 'Full Control', which they break down into subtexts for the gameplay.
Full Control is an umbrella term for a unique control experience over the way you play footy with PES. Every year Konami bring out a new system for PES with the intention of refining the gameplay, making it more fun, but also more difficult. History has taught us that sometimes they get this right and sometimes they don't. Never game ruining new systems, but ideas that don't improve the game over the previous version despite all of the hype.

Here we'll take a quick look at what Konami is bringing us this year.

Dynamic first touch - this will give your player the ability to use incoming passes in the most intuitive ways, so either by trapping (using R2) or flicking the ball, you can skip past the tackle of a defender and move away with the ball. This ability appears to be linked to the overall rating of the player as well, so Ronaldo or Messi could trap a difficult pass instantly or heel flick the ball through a defenders legs (nutmeg shout optional) and continue their dribble with the ball.
A big lug of a centre half might still shin it three yards in front of him!

Full manual passing and shooting - finally PES is giving us full control over the direction, height and power of all passes and shots. Aftertouch will also be controllable, but understandably will take skill and practice to master. This is a positive development and will open up games to more realistic passing moves, especially if you can now hit ground passes with aftertouch. PES already has a good range of passing, but hopefully ths refinement will take it further still. It will be interesting to see if the automatic shooting options retain some level of manual aiming as not every player likes to fiddle with extra buttons to utilise the manual shooting mechanics.

Dribbling - Konami are attempting to reduce the speed of dribbling to make it more realistic, although expect faster players to still leave slower players in their dust. Again R2 is being utilised to access a range of close control options, allowing the gamer to keep position through all degrees of the compass, so that they can hold off opponents and make time to pick that perfect pass.

Manual 1-2 - another attacking benefit is the ability to move your first player into position to receive a manual pass back from his teammate.

All of these options are to some degree already in the game, maybe under different names, so it will be intriguing to see if Konami has developed these further to the fully manual degree it promises.

More PES 2013 news to follow in a future article.

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